Monday/Thursday: 6-7 pm ET

Get the latest news and notes on all things hoops from opinionated hosts Alex, Kayla, Lala, and Yonas. Join them as they give their takes on the hottest stories in and around the world of basketball.





Monday: 8-9 pm ET


24135314_1410796229017552_1868026593_n.pngWIDE RIGHT

Tuesday: 1-2 pm ET

Thursday: 5-6 pm ET



rally towel football.pngRALLY TOWEL FOOTBALL

Tuesday: 5-6 pm ET

Rally Towel has some of the best football insiders available, and they have combined to create the only football exclusive show on Rally Towel Radio. A variety of hosts and guest will discuss all things football across North America!


24197262_1482426881813030_1508790586_o.pngBETWEEN THE BENCHES

Tuesday: 7-8 pm ET

What happens when you put two Leafs fans and a Habs fan together? Typically not a radio show, but Between the Benches will be your go-to show for hockey debates, hosted by 3 of some of the best hockey minds in RTA. We will take the latest hockey news and dissect it in order to give you the best analysis possible


Big and Tall new logo.pngTHE BIG AND TALL SPORTS SHOW

Tuesday/Thursday: 9-11 pm ET

The name says it all. The two biggest and tallest people on Rally Towel Radio discussing all things sports. Pete and Alec take your questions and answer them in a light hearted and fun fashion that you don’t want to miss!



On The Clock Sports Talk

Wednesday: 6-7 pm ET
Join our hosts Brendan and Ryan to see what they have on the clock, as they discuss all the news and stories from the past week in sports


24171737_1959456490746014_910142440_n.pngBEYOND THE ARC

Thursday: 3:30-5 pm ET

Can’t get enough basketball in your life? Well neither can we! Check in for live hot takes on all things hoops, from Rams to Raptors on beyond the Arc, a Rally Towel Radio show



Thursday: 7-8 pm ET

Ring Side Ramble discusses all things wrestling, breaking down what happens week by week on Raw and Smackdown Live. We will review shows, critique storylines, predict what will happen, as well as discuss what we think should happen!


fire me up.pngFIRE ME UP

Friday: 2-4 pm ET

Jack and Alec will be talking about everything in the sports world and having lots of discussion about every angle of sports. From analysis, to analytics, to entertainment, Fire Me Up has you covered on all of your favourite sports topics. Don’t miss a second of your new favourite sports show!



Saturday: 6-7 pm ET

So what is The Fourth Estate? Good Question. From traditional sports to Esports we will discuss the most pressing news and latest trends. And when the time calls for it, we will not shy away from discussing world events because we don’t just stick to sport. This show is the place to be if you want to be entertained and educated.