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Five NFL Draft prospects most likely to be selected first overall

This year’s edition of the NFL Draft has potential to be the most chaotic draft in recent memory. With no clear front-runner for the 1st overall selection, it’s anyone’s guess whose name will be called first. This article assumes that the Cleveland Browns will retain the rights to the first overall pick. 

Sam Darnold

The front-runner heading into this year’s college football season to be picked first overall. With an up and down season, Darnold has lost his grasp on the probable first overall title. Does this mean that he won’t hear his name called first? No, but he could see himself slip even out of the first five picks depending on what moves different teams make on draft night.

Josh Rosen

With the Cleveland Browns holding the rights to the first overall pick, Rosen has seemingly talked himself out of being picked first. Making comments earlier in the season saying “I’d rather be a lower pick at the right team than higher at the wrong team”. His comments plus his questionable off-field antics should put him out of contention for being picked first, as Cleveland does not want to deal with potentially Johnny Manziel 2.0.

Saquon Barkley

With many scouts and draft experts pencilling in Barkley as the best player available, he would usually be the first overall pick. Except, this draft isn’t your standard draft. With so many QB needy teams holding the first five picks, need instead of best player available may be the reason why Barkley isn’t picked first.

Josh Allen

As a very mediocre college quarterback at Wyoming, Allen is not someone who would typically be in the conversation to be picked first. But, Allen has the ideal build for an NFL quarterback and a rocket of an arm. His throw speed was clocked at 66.14 MPH, where no other QB at the NFL combine has thrown over 60 MPH. With Cleveland acquiring Tyrod Taylor from the Buffalo Bills they can afford to have a project like Allen develop behind Taylor instead of being a day one starter.

Baker Mayfield

From being a college walk-on at Texas Tech to possibly being picked first overall in this year’s draft, Mayfield has had a very interesting college career. Holding Mayfield back is his size, which some NFL scouts believe will hold him back from taking the next step in his career. Mayfield’s leadership abilities may be enough to get Cleveland to call his name first.

With Cleveland holding both the 1st overall and 4th overall picks, a trade is not out of the question as we have already seen the New York Jets trade up three spots to 3rd overall after a trade with the Indianapolis Colts. No matter who is called first, if they are picked by Cleveland they will need to lead the Browns to success, after only winning one game in the last two seasons. I just hope that the Browns select Darnold instead of reaching for Mayfield or Allen.

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