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The Premier League Title is Coming Back to Manchester

The season is young, but the early signs point to either Manchester United or Manchester City hoisting the Premier League trophy by season’s end.

After years of spending hundreds of millions of dollars on sub-par players, Pep Guardiola has changed the culture at City. He has completely revamped the defence with the additions of John Stones, Kyle Walker and Benjamin Mendy. He has bought a new star goaltender in Ederson. He also bought almost all of the young, talented wingers on the planet.

Guardiola has finally molded Manchester City into his vision. They are top of the Premier League table, while also dominating the Champions League thus far. They are considered one of the best teams in Europe and are ready to take back the title.

The only problem for Pep and City is that United is back.

There were a dull few years after legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, but José Mourinho has brought excitement back to Manchester United. He has bought physical players to suit his defensive style of play, but he’s complimented them well with speed and skill. This balance allows a player like Nemanja Matić to cover defensively to create space for the crafty Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

In a season and a half, Mourinho has crafted Manchester United into his liking. He has created a team similar to the ones he won titles with at Chelsea. Mourinho is ready to bring United back to the glory days.

Although there are challengers like Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal, none of them boasts the same level of talent on both the pitch and the touchline. Manchester is home to two immensely talented teams, led by two of the brightest minds in football. It’s not known whether the Premier League trophy will end up at the Etihad or Old Trafford, but what’s clear, is that its home is in Manchester.


    1. I agree in many ways. The two points that are in favour of City are that they are arguably in the best form in all of Europe and that they have one of the best managers in football. They no longer have Mancini or Pellegrini, they have a legitimate top manager. I do agree though that they need to win a Champions League title to prove their greatness.


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