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Don’t Hyde: Fantasy Football Trade or Target Week 4

3 Weeks of football in the NFL are in the books, and if you’re reading this you are either in either position A or B. Position A: My fantasy team is amazing, I am stomping on anyone who is in my way, and my team’s bench could probably dummy your starting lineup. Position B: Help me. Well, regardless of the position you are in, your team can still get better and what better way to improve than through the trade market? Find out who you should target and who you should trade heading into Week 4.

Trade: Chris Thompson, RB Washington Redskins

What if I told you that the third highest scoring running back in Fantasy Football was averaging 9 touches a game? Pretty ridiculous I know, but that is exactly what has happened with Chris Thompson of the Washington Redskins! The 5-8, 191 pounds speedster has averaged a godly 8.5 YPC while also boasting an average reception length of 17.8 yards. You want to know the last time a running back finished an entire NFL season with 8.5 YPC? Never, nobody has finished even close to that number and I’m no fortune teller, but Chris Thompson is not an exception to the book. Thompson benefitted from a Rob Kelly injury this week, but when Kelly gets back, the Redskins backfield will be a 3 headed monster between Kelly, Perine, and Thompson. However, if you do own Chris Thompson there is no time like the presence to trade him to someone who is desperate at running back! Check in and see how the Jay Ajayi owner in your league is doing. Chances are, you can get a pretty nice return for a player who is definitely due to cool down.

Target: Amari Cooper, WR Oakland Raiders

After finishing 2016 on a rather sour note, the Raiders Wide Receiver has not done much to change his trajectory. Oakland’s offense which features one of the best gun slingers in the NFL, is guaranteed to have a potent passing attack. With Michael Crabtree coming down with a chest injury this week as well, he could see his role scaled back which could open opportunities for Cooper to become even more involved. With a matchup against a tough Denver secondary looming, Cooper could make for a great buy low target this week and next week.

Trade: Sammy Watkins, WR Los Angeles Rams

After a score crazy Thursday Night Football matchup which took place last week, Sammy Watkins finally put up a week worth celebrating when he recorded 106 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns. However, do not get hooked into thinking Sammy Watkins is a wide receiver who you can start every week. Before last week, Watkins had failed record 60 receiving yards in what has emerged as a crowded scene for pass catchers. Although he suffered a concussion after last week’s match, there will be teams in your league who are depleted at WR who would be willing to take a risk on Sammy. Now is the time to sell.

Target: Jay Ajayi, RB Miami Dolphins

Although Jay Ajayi has been dealing with a lower body injury, the talent on Ajayi is too much to not take a shot on him. Knowing that the Ajayi owner in your league is probably massively disappointed by his effort last week, don’t be afraid to send him an offer and see how he is feeling about Ajayi. Although the injury may have played a role in his poor performance, Ajayi was also impacted by the way the game played out. The Miami Dolphins were trailing by quite a bit for the entire game and were looking to pass the ball instead of run. Looking at the schedule as well, the Dolphins travel a lot to start the season, but feature many home games down the stretch. Ajayi is a great buy-low option right now.

Trade: Carlos Hyde, RB San Francisco 49ers

Healthy Carlos Hyde has been amazing, he has averaged 5.2 Yards Per Carry and has been the biggest bright spot on the 49ers this season. However, Injured Carlos Hyde always seems to rear his ugly head every season. During last week’s game against the Rams, Hyde checked out briefly with a hip injury. Hyde has all of the talent in the world, but after missing 3 games last season, and 9 games the season before, it has become apparent that Hyde can not stay healthy. Coming off his biggest week of the season so far, Carlos Hyde is a great sell high.

Target: Terrelle Pryor, WR Washington Redskins

If you want to see someone who is truly disappointed in their 3rd or 4th round draft pick, take a glance at the Terrelle Pryor owner in your fantasy league. They are probably sitting in the corner, sniffling, tissues nearby while looking over your leagues draft results seeing all of the talent that could be on his team if only he didn’t pick Pryor. This is the time to buy on Pryor! Washington did not bring in Pryor on a 1 year, 6 Million Dollar deal to just not use him for a year. One part of the offense Pryor has yet to become a large part of is the deep ball. Last week Josh Doctson and Kirk Cousins connected on a 52 yard pass, but I expect Pryor to start getting more involved with the deep ball as well. Pry the Pryor owner out of the corner they are sitting in and see if you can strike a deal.

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