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BURNING UP: Top 5 Burning Fantasy Football Questions for Week 2


It is now Week 2 of the NFL season, and that means games have been played and people have gotten hurt. It is an unfortunate part of the game for the player, but Fantasy players have to work their masterpiece around these injuries. They say the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph, and if you took David Johnson with the first pick in your fantasy league, the conflict couldn’t get any harder. Lucky for you though there are many people here to support you such as myself, and I will help you answer your burning fantasy football questions.

Question 1: I drafted David Johnson, can I just quit now?

Yes. I’m only kidding NO, do not give up. The season is still young, you have lots of time to make up for his injury. DO NOT however, buy in to the idea that Kerwynn Williams will just end up being David Johnson 2.0 or even close to him for that matter! Don’t let your buddy swindle you into a deal because he has your “handcuff”. The truth is, there will be no clear handcuff to David Johnson. The Cardinals backfield will come down to who the hot hand is and I don’t feel like wasting two roster spots on below average talent wise RB’s. Truth be told too, Arizona is not a great situation for running back’s to begin with. David Johnson makes it a great situation. Play your cards right on the waiver wire and hope that you did a good enough job drafting to help make up for his injury!

Question 2: Odell Beckham Jr., Do I leave him in my Starting Lineup?

Please, please, please LEAVE OBJ IN YOUR LINEUP. He is going to play this Monday, guaranteed. OBJ was super close to playing this past Sunday night, and he is going to play Monday night. There is no way the New York Giants allow themselves to be completely embarrassed back to back weeks on national television, and OBJ will play and will have an impact this week.

Question 3: I have Jordan Howard, should I try trading him now?

Tarik Cohen. Just the mentioning of his name is enough to send chills down the spines of Jordan Howard owners. Before you exit out of here don’t go before you read this: Cohen and Howard can BOTH HAVE FANTASY VALUE.  When Kevin White went down last week, the Bears became extremely depleted at the WR position. Cohen, however has an opportunity to eat into all of the open receptions. What Cohen can’t do, is be a complete back. He is just 5’6′ and 179lbs, so he does not have the frame to carry a full workload. He will be a great help to the passing game dilemma, but Jordan Howard’s role should not take much of a hit. He should still be able to range anywhere between 15 to 20 touches consistently.

Question 4: I drafted A.J Green in the 1st Round, why has he been so bad?

Well, A.J Green hasn’t been bad, but he has been held hostage by the Red Rifle Andy Dalton. Last game, the Houston Texans had a pair of their top cornerbacks leave with injuries, and A.J Green was only targeted 8-times. At some point as a Quarterback, Dalton has to adjust and start forcing the ball to Green. He failed to do that, but do not start feeling offers for Green. He spoke up about his usage after last game and if there is one thing we’ve learned in Fantasy is that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and you have much reason to believe Green will get his next Sunday.

Question 5: My boy Kareem Hunt went off in Week One, does he have the goods?

Yes. Kareem Hunt has all of the goods. Jamaal Jr. as I have been dubbing him has all of the skills Jamaal Charles possessed when he was the focal point of an impressive Kansas City Chiefs running game. Andy Reid has proven to be a great offensive coach whether it be in Philly or in Kansas, so there is no doubt that throughout the entirety of the 2017 season, Hunt will be one of the top running back’s in Fantasy Football.



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