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Following a 46-9 thrashing that came at the hands of the LA Rams this past weekend, the Indianapolis Colts, they’re fans, and their front office realized that the team has much bigger fish to fry besides getting their $123 Million QB back healthy.

The Colts were missing Andrew Luck, who was still recovering from offseason shoulder surgery to fix a nagging injury that has been bothering him since the 2015 season; but that was the least of their worries this past weekend. The 46 points allowed were the most given up by any Colts team since they moved to Indianapolis in 1984, and frankly, the Colts looked like the worst team in the NFL last Sunday. Yes, the 9 points without your star Quarterback can maybe be understood, but 46 points allowed against one of the worst offenses in the NFL last year? Unacceptable.

The Colts biggest problem has always been their ability to protect Andrew Luck, but his talents and evasive abilities have been able to cover up those issues for the most part. It’s a shame Scott Tolzien can’t do the same. Tolzien started this game for the Colts but was pulled at the end of the 3rd quarter in favour of Ex-Patriot Jacoby Brissett, after Tolzien was only able to put 3 points on the board through 3 quarters. Not only was the Quarterback position a disaster, but the Colts “playmakers” were nowhere to be found. T.Y Hilton had 3 catches for 57 yards, Moncrief had 1 catch for 50 yards, and the entire Colts backfield only had 75 yards rushing on the day. The Offensive Line was a mess all day giving up 4 sacks and a safety, and they didn’t even have to go up against Rams All Pro Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald.

Since the Colts drafted Luck with the first pick in the 2012 Draft, it seems like they have been trying to find the right core and balance of pieces to put around him both on the Offensive and Defensive side of the ball. They have consistently had offensive line struggles, have had one 1,000 yard rusher since Luck has been at the helm, and when Luck is out their playmakers on the edge consistently under perform.

The Offensive Line has been a constant disaster for the Colts since they drafted Luck, and the front office hasn’t done much to improve it. This past year they did draft Center Ryan Kelly out of Alabama, but he’s out 6-8 weeks with a foot injury. Also, their draft picks from 2013 & 2015 OLB Bjorn Werner and WR Phillip Dorsett, aren’t even with the team anymore.

After this past Sunday it is blatantly obvious that the Colts have bigger issues than just the health of Andrew Luck’s shoulder. The organization needs to improve the Offensive Line, get some difference makers on defense, and draft in positions that are needed, instead of already in abundance.

Chuck Pagano and that coaching staff need to get more out of their playmakers when Luck is not behind center, and maybe sign a backup QB with some type of credibility? Scott Tolzien doesn’t seem to be the answer.

The Colts front office has made some questionable moves, but I’m not here to rip on them. They are in a position to be a decent team still with the roster they have, however there are obvious holes in their roster that they have yet to fill. On the contrary, they might leave the roster as is and Luck will cover up all the holes once again when he gets back. And if that’s what happens, Colts fans won’t have much to celebrate for the next few years.


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