Top 3 Matches in the NFL for Week One


Take a deep breath. The best part of your Sunday is now back as the NFL Season renews for the 2017 season. Your fantasy drafts should be completed by now and you should have already started to think about what snacks you are going to have ready for this Sunday’s festivities. Much like logging in to Netflix though, it can be hard to pick what to watch. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place as Rally Towel will preview the top 3 matches in the NFL this week.

Matchup #1: Oakland Raiders vs. Tennessee Titans

The start of the 2017 season marks a renewal for both the Titans and the Raiders as both teams saw their 2016 season end in bitter disappointment when their teams starting quarterback went down with late season ending injuries. The game between the two on Sunday features two of the better teams in an overall wide-open American Football Conference. Tennessee’s revitalized passing game will be interesting to watch as the team signed Eric Decker after his release from the Jets, and also spent a first round draft pick on NCAA standout, Corey Davis. The Oakland Raiders also addressed an area of their offense which needed a facelift by signing “Beast Mode”, Marshawn Lynch. Lynch was not successful however in his last NFL season with Seattle, only rushing for 3.8 yards per carry. Overall this game has a lot of interesting storylines, and should shape up to be a high-scoring Week One classic.

Matchup #2: Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers

Both victims to the Atlanta Falcons in last years postseason, the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers will look to start the 2017 season on a winning note. There were some changes made in the offseason to both teams, including the Seattle Seahawks signing the former Green Bay Packers running back, Eddie Lacy. Lacy figures to be 1 of 3 options featured in the Seahawks backfield this season mixing in with C.J Prosise and Thomas Rawls. While the Seahawks have a number of options at running back, they do not have a strong presence in their run-game entering 2017. Lacy has not been a productive runner in the NFL in recent years, Rawls has suffered significantly with injuries, and Prosise has also dubbed the moniker of being injury prone while also being a very one dimensional running back. For Green Bay, an impressive run that saw them win 8 games in a row came to an end in the NFC Championship when they were shelled by the Atlanta Falcons. However, on their run the Green Bay Packers proved to the league that they are still one of the perennial forces in the NFL. The implications of this game are massive and will be one of the toughest matches each team will have in 2017,

Matchup #3: New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys
An all NFC East matchup between the two front runners in the division happening in prime time has all of the makings for a classic. Especially when you factor in that the Dallas Cowboys lost three games in total last season, including both matchups against the New York Giants. What also has been worth following heading into this game is the status around Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. It was ruled on September 5th that the league would uphold the 6-game ban to the Cowboys running back, but the suspension now does not commence until Week 2, meaning the Cowboys back will be able to play against the G-Men. The Giants have a couple of storylines heading into their prime time matchup as well, all swirling around the wide receiver position. The main storyline being will Odell Beckham Jr. play in week one or will his ankle injury keep him out? He has yet to practice this week which is not a good sign, and would be a major blow to the Giants offense. The other storyline is how will veteran wide receiver Brandon Marshall fit into the offense? As the normal number two option, Marshall will be seeing a lot of team #2 corners which should lead to some favourable matchups. All in all, this NFC East matchup will make it worth waiting all day for Sunday night.


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